Monday, May 16, 2011

Chp2 script

I just had to share a snippet of how awesome the editing for the script for Less Than Three went between me and Kitteh XDD

-Page 14-
Panel 3:
[Cheeky has turned to look back at Stella while halfway out the flap of the tent. Her expression one of confusion]
Cheeky's panel  1 takes up the other half of Stella’s
Stella: Make your way to the woods, to the Chaos Tower, on the highest floor.
Panel 2
Cheeky:  [taken aback / tinged with worry] The Chaos Tower? That place is filled to the brim with monsters of all kinds. The higher the floors the tougher the baddies.  It’s a death trap on the highest floors.
SOMETHING ELSE NEEDS TO GO HERE ON THIS PAGE. Something important that goes along with the eerie reading fortune telling goodness.
I’m not sure because it kind of interferes with the joke of Cheeky saying it’s a death trap then Stella saying ‘there you go. I told you that you would be dead’ immediately after it. I’ll have to talk to you about that.
XD Talk to me!
Picture of the oh so mysterious Chaos Tower


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